Saturday February 9th

Today’s Event 2 Person Ambrose – Drawn Partners sponsored by John Mathews and Shane Gill. With the day showing signs of rain and plenty of wind, we had 21 players turn up. We welcomed visitor Geoff Foster to the Club .Winners of the day David Boness and Ken Bibby with a fine 71 off the stick giving them a Nett 62.5Runners up – Shane Gill and Roy McCallum with a Nett 65.Nearest the Pins 2nd and 8th – Jordan Cozzella no one on 13th or 17th.It’s worth noting that the Club room was very quiet over the weekend, but i bet our missing member will make up for that next week.

Next week Stableford.
Friday Twilight. 15 Players turned up, with the Winner Dylan Ayton with 24 points.Nearest the Pins 2nd Nathan Faroe and no one on the 8th.